[Mariano Diaz Ramirez]: Do You Know what Sport Your Child Should Play?

Mariano Diaz Ramirez: Sport for kids
Mariano Diaz Ramirez: Playing spots
Mariano Diaz Ramirez: Playing spots

When children are growing up, most of their choices are a consequence of their parent’s decisions. What kind of food they like, where they live, which school they go, however, there are some decisions that need to be taken by both the parent and the child. Two examples for these are if the child wishes to learn how to play a musical instrument or if he or she wants to begin practicing a sport.

When it comes to pick a sport for your child, it is important that the kid gets in contact with this discipline first. The parents should take the child to a sporting event to see if he shows some interest, watch some matches on television hoping to gain his attention. The point is, to find the proper activity it is a challenge. It is important to take into consideration the kids ages because their physical skills as well as their bodies are not fully develop by that time:

  • From age 2 to 5, toddlers are still not ready to participate in organized sports, and it will not help them in their performances.
  • From age 6 to 9, kids improve their physical skills and therefore are better in organized sports.
  • From 10 to 12, children have a mature ability to practice complex skills sports and can understand different strategies.
Mariano Diaz Ramirez: Children and sport
Mariano Diaz Ramirez: Children and sport

Although these aspects are important to consider, it is also necessary to remember that the consequences for all this will be a strong and competitive adult, a grown human being with great sense of moral and character. Your son will learn how to be a team player and his friendships will be loyal to him.

The good thing about sports is that it teaches the person how to respect your adversary, trust your teammates, and it also makes them understand that no matter color, creed, or gender, we have more things in common than differences. This is a reality that both children and adults need to understand.

By [Mariano Diaz Ramirez].


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